(EN) Supplier of organic and conventional crops since 1999

(EN) We supply more than 12 000 tons/yr of organic and 8 000 tons/yr of conventional products from Ukraine. The company's star product is Hulled Millet.

(EN) 7 facts about us

  • (EN) Exporting 10 000 tons of Hulled Millet per year
  • (EN) Exporting 8 000 tons of other Organic crops per year
  • (EN) Supplying to 23 countries in Europe, Asia and North America
  • (EN) Shipment from our warehouses in Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic
  • (EN) Team of 86 professionals
  • (EN) Production capacity is 110 MT/24 hours
  • (EN) Cooperation with Ukrainian certified organic farmers for over 10 years
About our Company

(EN) We work transparently

(EN) Processing units are based in the centre of Ukraine.

Two representative companies are located in Czech Republic (Brno) and Poland (Katowice).

(EN) Our team, following the principles of the whole European community, works to integrate Ukraine into a united European space with common human values, namely:
・ The idea of “sustainable development” of territories for comfortable living of people.
・ Fair Trade Principles.
・ Mutually beneficial cooperation with farmers, assistance in organic farming and maintaining biodiversity.
・ Building long-term and reliable relations with our foreign partners.
・ Trust and decency among all Organic market participants.
・ High social standards for employees.

(EN) Ivan Tomenko

(EN) founder of agrofirma pole

(EN) Let us tell you
How we organize our work

  • (EN) Processing

    (EN) 20 years of experience with raw material and proven production technology make it possible to obtain a product of stable quality.

  • (EN) Storage

    (EN) Own Organic Granary Silo with the total capacity of 4 400 tons for storage of organic raw-material. Warehouse of about 2 000 sq.m. for ready-made products including temperature-controlled storage.

  • (EN) Quality

    (EN) Quality control is conducted on each production stage by own attested laboratory.